Gasboy® Fleet Management & POS Systems

Gasboy® is your turnkey solution provider for fleet management systems and electronic and mechanical petroleum dispensing systems. We're dedicated to providing systems that are reliable, innovative, and cost-effective- and meet fleet operators' needs precisely. Because, at the end of the day, we understand that our systems are about more than dispensing, controlling, and managing fuel and related products. They're really about helping maximize productivity and profitability. So whether you're designing systems for others or for your own organization, we're here with solutions that perform beyond expectations.

Point of Sale Systems & Software for Fleet Fuel Management
Gasboy's fleet management systems and POS fleet management software give you the power to account for every ounce of fuel used in managing your fleet. Whether you manage vehicles for a trucking company, heavy construction equipment operation, marina, airport, government or municipality, Gasboy's fleet fuel management solutions provide you with the ability to manage fuel and maintenance for every vehicle in your fleet. Take advantage of one of the industry's leading fueling systems with Gasboy.

Islander PLUS - Fleet Fuel Management System

Islander™ PLUS fleet fuel management system combines the functionality of the advanced web-based site fuel controller CFN PLUS and the sophisticated island fleet card reader ICR PLUS in a single package hardened for the fuel island. Integrates seamlessly with other system components including Fleet Head Office management software and with unattended, remote and automated fueling systems. Create the most reliable, comprehensive turnkey fleet fuel management system on the market. Let Gasboy show you the most advanced fleet control technology — just contact your Gasboy distributor for more information.


  • Interfaces seamlessly with Fleet Head Office / Precise cost tracking
  • Supports multiple access technologies, including web-based and contactless systems / Easily integrated, enhanced data collection
  • Lighted terminals / Secure 24/7/365 availability for unattended sites
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TopKAT PLUS | Fleet Management System & Site Fuel Controller

Economical, easy-to-use TopKAT PLUS is a standalone fleet and fuel management system that can be mounted directly on the Gasboy 9800 dispenser or pedestal. It can handle up to 50,000 devices and 25,000 transactions — and it works in unattended fueling, remote fueling, automated fueling and other applications. From one TopKAT PLUS, you can control up to four Gasboy 9800 electronic hoses, or two mechanical hoses. For sites with multiple fueling islands, one TopKAT PLUS can provide common control and reporting for overall fleet and fuel management. In addition, TopKAT PLUS maintains all devices and transactional information in the embedded controller designed for the fleet fueling environment. Using optional Fleet Head Office software, you can communicate with an unlimited number of sites, automatically gather transactions and easily develop customized reports. In short: precise, automated, scalable control for any size fleet fueling operation. Call your Gasboy distributor and see the power behind controlling your fleet.


  • Compact island controller - provides flexibility and scalability in system design
  • Web-based interface - makes handling and analyzing fleet and fuel management system and usage data simple, so you get the information you need in the form you need it
  • Economical cost - delivers productive performance in any size operation

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ICR PLUS - Island Card Reader to Manage Fuel Access at Unattended Sites

Gasboy’s ICR PLUS island card reader gives you lots of ways to control driver access to your fuel. Drivers can use codes, magnetic stripe cards, Mifare RFID tags or wireless vehicle identification systems that automatically capture VIN and odometer information directly from the vehicle. It’s the kind of flexibility that works whether your operation is basic or sophisticated. Gasboy® ICR PLUS works in tandem with CFN PLUS to provide a cost-effective way to manage access to fuel at multiple islands and unattended sites. Flexible. Efficient. It’s part of your Gasboy complete, turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet product distributors and authorized service contractors.


  • Compatible with a variety of different driver and vehicle access methods
  • Cost-effective solution for multiple fuel islands
  • Hardened for the tough fleet environment

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Fuel Point PLUS - Wireless Vehicle ID for Fleets

We have discovered a better way to track fuel inventory and manage preventive maintenance for your transport fleet. With fuel being a crucial component of vehicle fleet management, Gasboy’s fleet and fuel management solution is the ideal choice for those looking to optimize fuel usage for their fleet. The system has been designed keeping in mind the critical requirements of the fleet management landscape.

The Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS system uses radio communication to automatically identify vehicles that belong to your fleet. It also automatically captures odometer readings directly from the vehicle. So you can proactively manage preventive maintenance for your vehicles based on accurate mileage. And fueling can only occur when the correct nozzle is inserted in an authorized vehicle. Gasboy’s highly secure, hands free, wireless vehicle identification, authorization and control system is truly wireless for easy retrofit at established sites. It’s part of your Gasboy complete, turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet product distributors and authorized service contractors.


  • Easy retrofit for existing sites. Truly wireless.
  • Eliminates human error in odometer and VIN capture directly from the vehicles
  • Secures fuel inventory for authorized use
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Fuel Truck Controller - Mobile Fueling System

Fuel Truck Controller is a mobile fueling system that takes your fuel management system wherever it needs to go — to heavy or stationary equipment — via tanker truck. Fully compatible with the other Gasboy PLUS fleet management components, Fuel Truck Controller stores transaction information and uploads it into the Fleet Head Office when the tanker truck returns to the fuel island. It’s the ideal mobile fueling system solution. Contact your Gasboy distributor to see how you can take control of your fleet management system.


  • Brings mobility to your system / Simplifies cost tracking
  • Fully compatible with site controller and fuel island / Eliminates error in data transfer
  • Tanker truck mounted / Helps maximize equipment uptime
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Web-Based Vehicle and Truck Fleet Management Software

The Gasboy web-based Fleet Head Office Software not only consolidates data from multiple sites and generates superior fuel management and fleet management reports, it provides an information backbone that helps keep your fleet running more efficiently. And of course, the software also helps keep your fleet running more cost effectively as well. See why there’s no software better than Fleet Head Office at helping you account for every drop of fuel. Your Gasboy distributor can show you the positive difference Fleet Head Office can make in your fuel management system.


  • Web-based system / Provides the flexibility to manage operations from anywhere you connect to the Internet
  • Easily configured customizable reports / Makes it easy to get the information you need in the form you need it
  • Proactive maintenance scheduling / Helps extend vehicle and equipment life
  • Restricts vehicles or drivers or control-use thresholds based on time, geography, fuel types and more / Gives you greater remote control of your fleet
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CFN PLUS - Site Controller for Fleet & Commercial Operators

CFN™ PLUS is the heart of your total, turnkey Gasboy solution for fleet and commercial applications. It ties together your Fleet Head Office fleet management software, Atlas® dispensers, ICR PLUS island card readers, FuelPoint® Plus wireless vehicle identification system, and more with seamless integration. Start with the basics and expand your system as your operation grows. CFN PLUS is hardened for the tough fleet environment. And, when you choose total solutions from Gasboy, you get support from the world’s largest network of fleet product distributors and authorized service contractors. CFN PLUS is your best choice for total, integrated, turnkey solutions.


  • Seamless integration with fleet management software, dispensers, ICRs, vehicle identification and more for a turnkey solution from a single supplier.
  • Expandable platform that can grow with your operation
  • Hardened for the tough fleet environment
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