SmartCover® Systems™

SmartCover® Systems™ provides leading Smart Infrastructure solutions enabling users to gain visibility into their water infrastructure. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), remote sensors deliver real-time data via the high-reliability Iridium® Satellite system to secure servers where users have 24/7 access to data via any web browser device. This information provides essential management insights that enable informed and incisive decisions.

Range of Solutions:
SmartCover® Systems™ offers a range of monitoring and data solutions that provides true visibility of remote sites. Users gain valuable insight into their system’s behavior enabling better operational and capital decisions.

SmartCover® Monitors are self-contained, turn-key solutions with a control, sensor, battery pack, antenna and housing. They are specifically designed for ongoing operations in harsh environments such as wastewater. The combination of two-year-plus battery packs and the exceptionally reliable Iridium Satellite System assures continuous operation and connectivity when most needed during the worst weather conditions.

Smart Infrastructure Means Superior Asset Management

With aging infrastructure and continuously escalating costs for repair or placement, cities will benefit from being better able to target the right assets at the right time. Remote data acquisition creates a profile of the assets’ performance, capacity and condition, giving cities complete visibility.

  • Automated trend analysis reveals subtle day-over-day changes in flow or level patterns.
  • Fast, easy data integration of rain, tide and/or river data combine with level and flow showing a cause – effect relationship
  • Variable measure timing where measurement intervals and transmission is tailored to the application.
  • Iridium Satellite communications proven to be exceptionally reliable in the most severe weather, when it is needed the most.
  • Battery that provides assured power with little maintenance.

SmartCover® Systems™ (Download PDF)

System-Wide Intelligence Means Large Capital Savings

With this information, asset planning and management decisions are better able to target application of capital. This may either reduce or delay capital expense with potential for savings measured in tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

SmartCover® Systems™ provides solutions for:

Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Detect Sources of I&I
  • Measure and reduce CSOs
  • Reduce collection system clean-out frequency
  • Guard against and prevent sewer spills

Storm Water Systems

  • Assess flows

Environmental Water

  • Measure reservoir, canal or tide levels

Potable Water

  • Measure water quality

Feel free to Download the Product Literature Below

SmartClean™: Providing “System Visibility”, Operational Savings and Superior SSO Protection for Cleaning Maintenance (Download PDF)

SmartFLOE™ flow level optimized estimation provides a low cost, low maintenance, high reliability means for flow measurement and
communication. (Download PDF)

SmartRain™ provides rain data using both Doppler radar and local rain gauges. Combined with level and flow data, it creates a comprehensive view to better understand your collection system. (Download PDF)

SmartTrend™ is a software tool that enables SmartCover™ users to anticipate overflow events at remote monitoring sites long before they occur. (Download PDF)

SmartWeir™ is a real-time monitoring
system for determining start-stop duration
times and overflow volume of a CSO event using real-time measurement of water flow over a weir. (Download PDF)

Download All the Above in one ZIP File